Amarr Brings Trento Collection to North America

NORTH CAROLINA – Amarr Garage Doors has recently introduced the Trento Collection by Silvelox. Amarr’s Trento Collection features Italian-designed garage doors with a unique two-section overlap technology that has no tracks, springs or rails. The Trento Collection is made of Okoume marine-grade hardwood with a patented overlap opening system. It has a double counterweight system along with an integrated opener. The Trento Collection is crafted in Italy by Silvelox and is available exclusively in North America through Amarr.

“The Trento Collection features garage doors that function and look unlike any others on the market,” Amarr marketing director Vickie Lents said. “The Trento Collection is the ‘wow factor’ that many homeowners and car enthusiasts have been waiting for in a garage door.”

“As the door opens, the door leans back, folds in half, splits into two panels, and the lower panel rests under the upper panel in the fully open position.

With its operating system neatly tucked into the headbar, the Trento Collection’s compact footprint is ideal for applications with garage headroom, backroom and side-room limitations,” she said. “The doors are perfect for historic and brownstone homes, and underground parking. With the resulting clean interior of a Trento door, this collection has strong appeal in rooms with indoor/outdoor living, as well as commercial applications such as open-air restaurants. In many instances where space is a premium, garage doors from the Trento Collection can be installed where previously thought impossible.”

“Amarr is offering a variety of sleek, modern Silvelox designs in the Trento Collection, in addition to various carriage house style doors created especially for Amarr’s North American market,” Lents added. “Doors in the Trento Collection are available in a variety of wood stains and paint colors.”

Trenton Collection


From Garage Door News November 2013

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